Clarence Darrow

ï…… Published on: Jun 12, 2014

Clarence Darrow

by David W Rintels

Kevin Spacey returns to the role of pioneering lawyer Clarence Darrow after the critically acclaimed Old Vic production of Inherit the Wind and the PBS film Darrow. Thea Sharrock directs him in Rintels’ compelling one man tour-de-force in which the larger than life Darrow with his legendary wit relives some of his pivotal experiences, including the infamous Scopes ‘Monkey’ and ‘Thrill Killers’ trials which established his reputation as a courtroom giant and civil rights hero.

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Kevin Spacey



David W Rintels – Writer Thea Sharrock – Director Alan Macdonald – Designer Guy Hoare – Lighting Adrian Johnston – Music Gregory Clarke – Sound

Now Playing at London’s Old Vic Wed 28 May – Sun 15 June


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