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Geogry Girl the Seekers Musical


Georgy Girl the Seekers Musical at

Judith Durham, a shy, insecure, overweight teenager with a golden voice joins a folk group, The Seekers: Athol Guy the wheeler-dealer, Bruce Woodley the aspiring songwriter and Keith Potger the cool guitarist. After finding success locally, they travel to Britain, where thanks to Athol’s marketing skills, they get a foot in the door and, despite knockbacks, soon burst on to the international Pop Scene.

Judith, unprepared for stardom, struggles with what she sees as her weight problem, finds love, and tries to figure out what her future should be. The Boys just enjoy the party while musically delivering the goods. As Ron demonstrates, there’s laughter and tears, highs and lows. Keith marries, Bruce becomes a hit songwriter, Judith has her heart broken and Athol takes all in his stride.

Four years on the group breaks up when Judith decides to resume her solo career – and meets and marries the love of her life. 25 years later, in an emotional reunion, The Seekers set off on their Silver Jubilee tour. A staggering success, it turns out to be one of many. But their Golden Jubilee tour – despite a near-death setback – was destined to be the biggest success of them all.

“Geogry Girl” the Seekers Musical Australian Tour 2016

Melbourne until Her Majesty’s Theatre 16 Mar, 2016

Sydney State Theatre 02 Apr, 2016

Perth Burswood 08 July, 2016

Georgy Girl the Seekers Musical at


Pippa Grandison – Judith Durham
Phillip Lowe Keith Potger
Mike McLeish Bruce Woodley
Glaston Toft Athol Guy
Adam Murphy – Ron Edgeworth
Sophie Carter – Bev
Stephen Wheat – Eddie Jarrett
Ian Stenlake – John Ashby
Alex Gibson-Giorgio – Photographer/Ensemble
Alex Given – Simon/Ensemble
Todd Goddard – Father/Ensemble
Madison Green – Ensemble
Matt Hamilton – Swing
Shaye Hopkins – Swing
Loren Hunter – Mitzi/Ensemble
Kirsten King – Hazel/Ensemble
Cameron MacDonald – Graham Kennedy/Ensemble
Madeleine Mackenzie – Ensemble
Lachlan Martin – Ensemble
Rubin Matters – GI/Ensemble
Michelle Smitheram – Dusty/Ensemble
Alana Tranter – Waitress/Ensemble
Brenton Wilson – Swing


Patrick Edgeworth – Book
Graham Simpson – Script Consultant
Gary Young – Director
Stephen Amos – Musical Supervisor, Arrangements & Orchestrator
Michael Ralph – Choreographer
Shaun Gurton – Set Designer
Isaac Lummis – Costume Design
Trudy Dalgleish – Lighting Designer
Julian Spink – Sound Designer
Stephen Gray – Musical Director
Lynne Ruthven – Casting Director
Brian Downie – Technical Director
Chris Parker – Resident Director
Richard East – Producer
Dennis Smith – Producer
Sue Farrelly – Executive Producer

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